Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday-Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm. We are not open at the weekend.


How can I contact Fertility Fusion?

Should you have any further queries, please email or call 01257 256251 and a member of the team will be in touch.


What do I count as ‘day one’?

Day one of a cycle is counted from the first full day of active bleeding. Any discharge or spotting isn’t counted.


If bleeding starts after midday, the following day is counted as day one of the cycle.


What will scans be like?

The majority of scans performed for fertility treatment are transvaginal ultrasound scans. The process involves the insertion of an ultrasound probe into the vagina, through which images of the womb (uterus) and ovaries can then be seen on the scan monitor.

Ultrasound scans are carried out in real time, so that results are often available straight away. It is helpful to have an empty bladder for this scan.


Do I need to fast before a blood test?

It is not necessary to fast prior to any fertility-related blood test. It would be helpful to have had something to eat and drink before attending for the blood tests. Should fasting be required, you will be made aware of this by a member of our team.


Do I need an up-to-date cervical smear?

All women over 25 should be having regular cervical smears. We will want to confirm that your smears are up to date before treatment can be commenced.


What happens if I miss a dose of medication during treatment?

If it is the same day, you can normally take this later in the day and then continue as normal the following day.


However, if you have a problem with the injections in your IVF/ICSI treatment cycle, please contact the fertility centre, or the emergency contact details (if out of hours) for advice. Further information will be in your treatment booklet.


In the case of difficulties with the ovulatory trigger injection, such as it being delayed by several hours or missed completely, it is very important to seek advice before administering the injection.


Why do I need an appointment to leave a semen sample?

Semen testing is done at our on-site andrology laboratory. The testing process must take place within one hour of the sample being produced, and the sample is then analysed - which can take up to 30 minutes. As there is only capacity to test a fixed number of samples at any one time, it is important that you have an appointment slot. 


Do I need to fast before producing the semen sample?

You do not need to fast before producing the semen sample.


What does abstain/abstinence mean?

Refrain from any form of sexual activity leading to ejaculation.

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