Fertility MOTs
Fertility MOTs

People may want to test their fertility for many reasons; sometimes because they are having trouble getting pregnant now or want to see if they can delay pregnancy until later on in life.

Whatever the reason, at Fertility Fusion we offer fertility testing, sometimes called a fertility MOT. We currently offer two fertility MOT packages: –

Joint Fertility Assessment (MOT)

Including semen analysis, ovarian reserve blood test, ultrasound scan and consultation -£295.

Female Fertility Assessment (MOT)

Including ovarian reserve blood test, ultrasound scan and consultation – £275

Individual Semen Testing

Male fertility testing is available – £110

These tests will give you an idea of how fertile you are either individually or as a couple, as well as highlighting factors which may affect your chances of getting pregnant now or in the future.

As well as testing, our team will be able to give you help and guidance on lifestyle and howthis affects fertility, as well as other tests and treatments which are available to you.

For more details or to book your MOT contact one of our friendly team by calling 01257 256251 or via email info@fertilityfusion.co.uk

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